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Residential Inpatient Services

Residential Inpatient Services

Children’s Psychiatric Residential Treatment

Residential Treatment Programs for children at North Spring Behavioral Healthcare are designed for boys and girls ages 9 and older. Youth who receive treatment at North Spring are those struggling with emotional or behavioral issues who may benefit from care in a secure, structured residential environment. Our Psychiatric Residential Treatment Facility is home to the following programs:

Sunrise Program

The Sunrise Program provides a gender-specific, structured and nurturing treatment for girls ages 9 and older. The program is divided into two units by age and offers young women the opportunity to move past the obstacles that mental health problems, abuse and victimization have placed in their path. Therapies are carefully combined on an individual basis to provide an environment in which young women can heal and flourish.

Treatment focusing upon sexual reactivity secondary to previous abuse is provided on an individual basis.

Adventurers Program

Boys ages 9–12 who suffer from emotional, behavioral and psychiatric disorders that have resulted in an inability to safely remain in the community can receive treatment in the Adventurers Program. These children have typically suffered significant trauma in their lives, and need a secure place to heal. Our compassionate treatment staff is experienced in working with children with sexual reactivity, emotional volatility and difficulty in trusting adults.

Assessment and Diagnostic Program

This program offers a secure facility for male and female children ages 9 and older who would benefit from psychological testing and additional evaluations in order to clarify diagnostic and treatment needs. Through collaboration with our community partners in a multidisciplinary team approach, we make recommendations to best serve the individual needs of each client. Expected stays are 30–90 days. Clients receiving these services participate in all program components.

We Help Children and Families Thrive

At North Spring Behavioral Healthcare, we make it our mission to help children and adolescents find a sense of hope and potential. Call 703-554-6300 for a no-cost, confidential assessment day or night, 24/7. If you need immediate medical assistance, contact 911 or seek the nearest emergency room.